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Friday, 31 August 2007

ISP Battles.

I live and work in Kingston Upon Hull. Here we have one telephone and broadband suplier. They are one and the same company.

They constantly lie to customers about issues that they know exist but claim they do not.

They claim other service providers can come here but they do not sue to their assessment of the market and that these other service providers do not come here due to lack of market availability. Etc, drone drone drone.

They know their prices are too high. They know they set these prices high because then other service providers could not make a profit.

Their customer service is abysmal. It is so bad that they immediately assume all and every problem a user of their service has is the customers fault. They never admit when something is wrong at their end.

Recently, some hardware labled as "complex" by their technical team (a term I use lightly) broke down. This "complex" piece of equipment had no immediate replacement. They had to source a new "complex" piece of equipment from their supplier. Wouldn't you think that if this "complex" piece of equipment was so vital to the operation of their broadband service they would have had at least 1 backup piece ready to be deployed should the main one fail? No, Not this company. They would rather, as actually happened, fuck their customers in the arse and let the qhole service slow down and for some customers grind to a virtual halt.

That above is only one example of many failings this company has had over the years but they will always tell you it isnot their fault.

Some of us home customers have more knowledge then their technical team and yet they insist on blaming their own customers for all the faults that have ever happened on the service.

Going back to other service providers and how this company sets their wholesale prices too high knowing other service providers will look at those prices and work out that it is not feasible to come here. This is a calculated plan by their marketing team and even by their directors. They know their prices for wholesale broadband are too high to make it worthwhile for other service providers to come here so, by trotting out the same old tired lines of "marketing forces" and "calculated decisions by" are exactly that. Tired.

The constant abuse of their customers is however coming to an end. There is a concerted effort being mounted not just by their own customers but my people within the European Union. I can claim having my hand in this concerted effort as they have lied to me one too many times. If, I can bring about their downfall I will. And I will use whatever means I have open to me to do it.

This company seriously sucks in every possible way and worse of all they bloody well know it.

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