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Thursday, 27 September 2007

Where are the English?

Where are the rules/laws to protect English views?

Over the last 20-30 years England has been eroded by Laws, both local and national, that go against the indigenous population which in England is the English.

Over the centuries, up to the 1970's, England has become a mix of just about every nation on this fragile planet. Sure, there was rampant blatant discrimination against other nationals, notably our West Indian friends and something needed to be done to stem it, but what has happened totally turned the tide against those few who caused the discrimination.

During the late 1970's through the 1980's and into the 1990's the government and overly liberal local councils brought in rule after rule after rule in an effort to stem the discriminatory tide. The net affect of these rules was that if one was white and English one would automatically find oneself discriminated against in every walk of life. Another net affect of these rules is that the English people lost all sense of national pride as wave after wave of discrimination against them pushed them further and further into the background and brought into the foreground every conceivable minority.

This state of affairs was slowly but surely heading for problems. In the last year or so there has been a growing government call for "A sense of Englishness". Whatever that terms means...

Something has however got to give. We the English have to find a way to undo, without returning back to the discriminatory pre 2000's, all the anti-English rules and laws that were brought in by overly liberal governments and local councils. We must instill into our children a real sense of national pride but without alienating those who joined as immigrants. In fact we should embrace these immigrants and allow them to grow a real sense of national pride towards the country that adopted them. England.

Due in part to the human pack like behavior there will never be a truly none discriminatory world. But, being forced to stop this discrimination and becoming anti-English, by accident or design is, as we are finding out today, simply the wrong way to go about it.

The backlash against all the anti-English rules is beginning. And not before time.

Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Good old England.

We, that is my family and I, came back from a week in Maryland, Ohio. The differences between good old England and the U.S.A. were striking to say the least. Maryland cannot be classed as mainstream U.S.A but even there the differences in every area were there to be seen. More than seen, the differences hit one in the face as soon as one stepped outside the airport building.

Almost every area was clean. Sure there are parts that one could term slums but every City on God Green Earth has at least one of those. The parks we visited where spotless and imacculately cared for. The streets in general where clean as well. One thing that really stood out was the number of police dotted everywhere we went. This alone is in stark contrast to good old England.

Just about every public service, police, paramedics etc where to be seen in abundance. Here, in England, you can go days before seeing a Police car let alone a policeperson walking.

Crime is the U.S.A. is really no worse than it is in England. Sure, gun crime is rife but other than that the two countries are comparable.

Houses, away from the City centre, are huge compared to houses in England. For what one could pay here in England for an average sized 4 bedroomed house one could get something twice as large in the U.S.A. and with surround green grass areas thrown in.

For me. There is no place like England. I love it here for all its faults. But, the U.S.A. is a great puller. I always said that if I was to emigrate I would emigrate to New Zealand but after our U.S.A. visit I may just have to rethink that.

Thursday, 20 September 2007

British Gas Nightmare (part 2).

We have now been in the new house a week and still British Gas continue to mess us about. The house was setup with British Gas as suppliers of both Gas and Electric. Also, the house had prepayment meters fitted.

They failed to keep yet another appointment last week.

The Gas meter has so far stolen £13.47 twice from each £20 we have put on it. The Electric meter has stolen £11.49 for the £40 we put on it. All in all, the meters have stolen 38.43 of the £70 we have placed on them. Added to this was the £8 we paid for an emergency Gas card. Total £46.43. Then there are all the calls to their various numbers from both a landline telephone and mobile phones. This number is 28 in total.

Not good. Not good at all.

We wanted the prepayment meters taken out but would have settled for the meters being reset but British Gas failed to keep every appointment. They and they alone have caused us no end of problems and who knows how much stress.

We will claim compensation for everything we are owed. Energywatch is on our side as well and keep poking British Gas on our behalf.

I rang them again yesterday and managed to speak with a woman that actually knew her stuff. This call culminated in 3 appointments being made and compensation heading our way for all their failures.

Once the appointment dates have come and gone only then will we know if they have failed us yet again or if they can manage what they have not thus far and keep to their appointment schedule. We still need to claim for all monies stolen as well as for the emergency Gas card. All telephone calls and an amount agreed for undue stress. We shall see how that goes once they, if they, keep the latest set of appointments.

British Gas continue to suck. We will be moving away from them at the earliest opportunity.

Thursday, 13 September 2007

Plants and Animals on the Brink.

There are plants and animals on the brink of extinction. There has always been animals and plants on the brink of extinction and there has always been plants and animals that have become extinct.

This simple thing is what evolution is all about. Some animals and plants die off and others emerge to take their place in a never ending evolutionary cycle that has gone on for millions of years.

The one sole reasons there are organisations with a vested interest in keeping plants and animals on the brink of extinction in the public eye is one of money. These organisation get millions every year to tell you, the glorious public, what we all know already.

In the end everything comes down to money and the more interested an organisation has in that something the more they force feed the general public with information.

This sort of brink of extinction is nothing new and has gone of for millions of years. It is quite simply evolution at work.

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

British Gas nightmare.

So, we have our new house. The house has both Gas and Electric via British Gas. All well and good as we have been long time British Gas users. That is where the nightmare begins.

We have 4 days to move from our current property to our new property. So, we rings British Gas to politely ask them to turn on the supply to both the Gas and Electric. Right there is where the not so much fun started.

They could not turn the supplies on without references for both my wife and myself. But, we said, we are both with British Gas right now at our current property. Oh, said the voice at the other end, which it turns out gave us a false name, in that case we can send someone round within 30 working days. 30 days! Just to turn on gas and Electric? Surely, we asked, you can do it faster than that.

My wife said, and this is perfectly true, I have a husband who is disabled, a child under 6 months old and 2 more children under 10 years old and you are trying to tell me that a company your size will willing make us homeless due to your incompetence?

The poor guy couldn't answer that but did pass us to some other poor helpless sap. So, we goes around the tree for the second time. By the end of that exchange we was nowhere closer to getting our Gas and Electric turned on at all.

By now we had spend 6 solid hours on the telephone to British Gas. We had had enough so called it enough for the day.

On the morning of the second day we had another go but this time we went through Energy Watch who put us through to "Conflict Team" as British Gas. We thought at this point that we may finally get somewhere. Alas, it did not turn out that way. What did happen was we spoke with a lovely chap who promised us the world and at the end of that conversation he said that he would ring back that very same morning with good news. Did he? Nope.

So we rings again and this time we got something sorted. Not exactly what we wanted sorting but at least we got someone who knew what he was on about and he gave us a plan of action that will see us get Gas and Electric at our new property.

As soon as we can, we will be moving suppliers. British Gas are pathetic.

The World just gets worse.

I fear for a world slowly but surely, for whatever reasons, coming to the end of its life.

I fear for my children, aged 9, 8 and 7 months at the time of writing, and their children and if Man still exists by then their childrens children, growing up and living in a world where those with the power to uphold the law slowly but surely increase their firepower in the mistaken belief that to contain the bad elements of this world they must fight fire with fire.

The World stage has been the same for many hundreds of centuries. The West is relatively affluent with a decent standard of living while the East burns under the hot baking sun in lands made primarily of sand. Okay, those descriptions are not 100% accurate but that is how my Grandmother saw it and how she saw the world and how it would evolve when she was alive is scarily coming true.

Those in the West exploited those in the East. The East, while not getting poorer never got more affluent either.

As the world turns slowly but surely what my Grandma, she died 1982, said is now coming true. She said that the West would pay dearly for its dabblings in hot sandy countries like the Arab countries and South Africa. She always named these two area as volatile. She always said "Hot sun and commonsense never go together well." And that a "nuclear missile will come not from a powerful nation, though China, the sleeping giant, should be watched closely, but from a small none powerful third world country."

Looking at the world stage as it sits now some 25 years after her death she seems to have got most things right.

Closer to home we have a police force getting ever more powerful weapons in the name of security. They use these weapons not against bad forces but against their own peoples. National Security is the buzz word of this century and within that remit that countries own law abiding people get their freedoms curtailed.

I fear for my children's future. I really, really do.