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Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Good old England.

We, that is my family and I, came back from a week in Maryland, Ohio. The differences between good old England and the U.S.A. were striking to say the least. Maryland cannot be classed as mainstream U.S.A but even there the differences in every area were there to be seen. More than seen, the differences hit one in the face as soon as one stepped outside the airport building.

Almost every area was clean. Sure there are parts that one could term slums but every City on God Green Earth has at least one of those. The parks we visited where spotless and imacculately cared for. The streets in general where clean as well. One thing that really stood out was the number of police dotted everywhere we went. This alone is in stark contrast to good old England.

Just about every public service, police, paramedics etc where to be seen in abundance. Here, in England, you can go days before seeing a Police car let alone a policeperson walking.

Crime is the U.S.A. is really no worse than it is in England. Sure, gun crime is rife but other than that the two countries are comparable.

Houses, away from the City centre, are huge compared to houses in England. For what one could pay here in England for an average sized 4 bedroomed house one could get something twice as large in the U.S.A. and with surround green grass areas thrown in.

For me. There is no place like England. I love it here for all its faults. But, the U.S.A. is a great puller. I always said that if I was to emigrate I would emigrate to New Zealand but after our U.S.A. visit I may just have to rethink that.

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