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Tuesday, 4 September 2007

British Gas nightmare.

So, we have our new house. The house has both Gas and Electric via British Gas. All well and good as we have been long time British Gas users. That is where the nightmare begins.

We have 4 days to move from our current property to our new property. So, we rings British Gas to politely ask them to turn on the supply to both the Gas and Electric. Right there is where the not so much fun started.

They could not turn the supplies on without references for both my wife and myself. But, we said, we are both with British Gas right now at our current property. Oh, said the voice at the other end, which it turns out gave us a false name, in that case we can send someone round within 30 working days. 30 days! Just to turn on gas and Electric? Surely, we asked, you can do it faster than that.

My wife said, and this is perfectly true, I have a husband who is disabled, a child under 6 months old and 2 more children under 10 years old and you are trying to tell me that a company your size will willing make us homeless due to your incompetence?

The poor guy couldn't answer that but did pass us to some other poor helpless sap. So, we goes around the tree for the second time. By the end of that exchange we was nowhere closer to getting our Gas and Electric turned on at all.

By now we had spend 6 solid hours on the telephone to British Gas. We had had enough so called it enough for the day.

On the morning of the second day we had another go but this time we went through Energy Watch who put us through to "Conflict Team" as British Gas. We thought at this point that we may finally get somewhere. Alas, it did not turn out that way. What did happen was we spoke with a lovely chap who promised us the world and at the end of that conversation he said that he would ring back that very same morning with good news. Did he? Nope.

So we rings again and this time we got something sorted. Not exactly what we wanted sorting but at least we got someone who knew what he was on about and he gave us a plan of action that will see us get Gas and Electric at our new property.

As soon as we can, we will be moving suppliers. British Gas are pathetic.

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