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Thursday, 27 September 2007

Where are the English?

Where are the rules/laws to protect English views?

Over the last 20-30 years England has been eroded by Laws, both local and national, that go against the indigenous population which in England is the English.

Over the centuries, up to the 1970's, England has become a mix of just about every nation on this fragile planet. Sure, there was rampant blatant discrimination against other nationals, notably our West Indian friends and something needed to be done to stem it, but what has happened totally turned the tide against those few who caused the discrimination.

During the late 1970's through the 1980's and into the 1990's the government and overly liberal local councils brought in rule after rule after rule in an effort to stem the discriminatory tide. The net affect of these rules was that if one was white and English one would automatically find oneself discriminated against in every walk of life. Another net affect of these rules is that the English people lost all sense of national pride as wave after wave of discrimination against them pushed them further and further into the background and brought into the foreground every conceivable minority.

This state of affairs was slowly but surely heading for problems. In the last year or so there has been a growing government call for "A sense of Englishness". Whatever that terms means...

Something has however got to give. We the English have to find a way to undo, without returning back to the discriminatory pre 2000's, all the anti-English rules and laws that were brought in by overly liberal governments and local councils. We must instill into our children a real sense of national pride but without alienating those who joined as immigrants. In fact we should embrace these immigrants and allow them to grow a real sense of national pride towards the country that adopted them. England.

Due in part to the human pack like behavior there will never be a truly none discriminatory world. But, being forced to stop this discrimination and becoming anti-English, by accident or design is, as we are finding out today, simply the wrong way to go about it.

The backlash against all the anti-English rules is beginning. And not before time.


Anonymous said...

A rarely mentioned problem with over zealous protection for minorities is that elite groups are by definition minorities too - hence anti-discrimination can be misapplied to protect the anti-democratic interests of the many in favour of the few.

Jeepster said...

While your comments are true they can also be very wrong. Not only wrong but dangerous to the many.

Can it not be said that the few rule the many and yet it is the many who put the few in that position? Therefore the many make their own beds to lay in.

However, these are not the groups I was referring to in the blog post. No. I was in fact referring to those minorities that come to England then seek to impose their will on to the local population by sometimes stealth actions and by sometimes in your face actions. This then gets picked up by liberal minded folk in power and before you know it new laws are created to protect those minority interests with no thought given at all to the wider impact of the indigenous peoples.

It is that that is slowly coming to a head and it is that that will cause a massive backlash from the majority population. Even those whose family have been English card holding people for only two or 3 generations can see this happening.