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Tuesday, 9 October 2007

It has started.

Over the last few years we have seen smokers cast out as some form of leper on society. Some of the places where smoking is now banned beggars belief that we are a sane society. One such place is, or rather was, designed and created purely for the purposes of smoking. The patrons of such a place went into these places to enjoy a water based smoke and knew exactly what they were doing and where in fact adults who by their own actions knew that the smoke from their own pipes as well as the smoke from other like minded smokers was permeating through the air in the room they sat in. And yet with the blanket ban of smoking in public and private places this type of business has had to close down causing loss of jobs as well as the main income of the establishment owner. Madness.

Next up on the target list is car drivers. Use of mobile phones whilst driving is now outlawed. For years car drivers have had the in-car use of radios, cd players, dvd players and all manner of in-car distractions (passengers talking, children playing up etc etc). Radios need turning on and tuning, cd and dvd players need turning on and a cd or dvd inserting, passengers invariably talk to the driver and if there other back seat passengers, children are children and often times argue and are loud whilst doing it. Some drivers smoke which is said to be another distraction. In point of fact anything that causes the driver to take one hand off the steering wheel is open to abuse from the do gooders in our society. Use of mobile phones whilst driving is now outlawed and rightly so. But, the others? Most of the things mentioned here have been going on for almost as long as cars have been available. No statistics are available (I mean hard facts not 'meld the figures to suit your argument' percentage based statistics) to vindicate either side of the argument but it is only a matter of time before smoking in-car is banned, radios are banned, cd and dvd music players are banned and ultimately all talking in-car is banned. Of course road fatalities will not go down nor will the road accident count but they will all be banned nonetheless.

Madness. Utter and complete madness.

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