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Thursday, 20 September 2007

British Gas Nightmare (part 2).

We have now been in the new house a week and still British Gas continue to mess us about. The house was setup with British Gas as suppliers of both Gas and Electric. Also, the house had prepayment meters fitted.

They failed to keep yet another appointment last week.

The Gas meter has so far stolen £13.47 twice from each £20 we have put on it. The Electric meter has stolen £11.49 for the £40 we put on it. All in all, the meters have stolen 38.43 of the £70 we have placed on them. Added to this was the £8 we paid for an emergency Gas card. Total £46.43. Then there are all the calls to their various numbers from both a landline telephone and mobile phones. This number is 28 in total.

Not good. Not good at all.

We wanted the prepayment meters taken out but would have settled for the meters being reset but British Gas failed to keep every appointment. They and they alone have caused us no end of problems and who knows how much stress.

We will claim compensation for everything we are owed. Energywatch is on our side as well and keep poking British Gas on our behalf.

I rang them again yesterday and managed to speak with a woman that actually knew her stuff. This call culminated in 3 appointments being made and compensation heading our way for all their failures.

Once the appointment dates have come and gone only then will we know if they have failed us yet again or if they can manage what they have not thus far and keep to their appointment schedule. We still need to claim for all monies stolen as well as for the emergency Gas card. All telephone calls and an amount agreed for undue stress. We shall see how that goes once they, if they, keep the latest set of appointments.

British Gas continue to suck. We will be moving away from them at the earliest opportunity.