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Thursday, 15 November 2007


Well, after reading an article on theinquirer about the RIPA and how easily it can be abused by our Police force I felt compelled to comment on it, both the article itself and the RIPA as they are both combined.

I use encryption myself for all my various passwords. Passwords that I use to connect to shopping web sites, passwords that are for various logins to various computers arund the world as part of my home based work. All of these passwords are stored in one directory, the directory itself is not encrypted. The encryption I use is not particularly powerful but it does the job. I know ne'er do wells cannot get into my system with ease so the level of encryption I use is good enough to keep away prying eyes such as those belonging to my ever inquiring kids who use my system from time to time.

Now, I don't do anything against the Law as far as I am aware but if the police wanted to they could take my computers away and request the passwords used. If I was to refuse them this information I cannot tout privacy as a means to repel the request as any U.K. citizen no longer has any privacy as once guaranteed and as our forefathers fought to keep. No, instead they would throw the RIPA card which means if I refuse they can throw me in jail for 2 years.

RIPA removes any use of any encryption method in use today and in all probability removes the desire of programmers to create ever more powerful encryption methods thereby stifling innovation.

The whole thing stinks of overzealousy in their fake fight against supposed terrorism.

And we are now at the stage where everything our forefathers fought for in WWII is slowly but surely being taken away from us every day law abiding people for the sake of catching a few supposed terrorists. Which incidentally, includes any organisation that does anything the police and/or Government does not like.

Down with the RIPA!

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