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Sunday, 27 May 2007

One can only give so much.

We all see it in the news almost daily. Cries for money or cast off clothing etc for some charity organisation or other. The sheer volume of organisations asking people to dip into their pockets to help everyone and everything all over the world can be so overwhelming that in the end people simply decide not to give at all.

My wife and I hit on a solution that works and has worked for us since we first go together.

My wife and I give money on a yearly basis to various charities. None in particular and not all are well known. Some of our friends call us insular because we refuse point blank to give to any charities that do not directly benefit children, adults and animals in this country (this country being Great Britain). Basically, we cover the whole spectrum as long as the help is distributed within this country. The only exception I have made to this over the years was the miners strike some years ago because I did not believe what they was doing at that time was right.

Back when I was a child my mother and grandmother always said that "Charity begins at home" and that comment has stuck with me into adulthood. My wife's parents and grandparents used to say the same to her and that has stuck with her too.

We were at one stage directly involved in the day to day running of a charity. We are that type of couple. We feel we that just because we refuse to offer help and monies to any needy cause not held within this country, and sure enough there are plenty of those, it does not make us bad people. If, as commented by some friends of ours, it makes us both insular then so be it. That is how we are and that is how we will continue.

We may not give a lot in the big scheme of things but at least we give which is more than can be said for many residents here.

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