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Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Young Drink Drivers.

Here in the UK it has been said that the number of young drink drivers make up a large percentage of the numbers who drink drive.

I personally have never drink and drive mainly because 1) I don't drink and 2) I cannot drive any more (through illness not because I was banned or anything). Still, joking aside, the fact that this particular age group are risking their and others lives is alarming, if not to be expected.

Expected? Yes. Why? What makes you say that?

I say that because, well, look how we, and especially the 'establishment' treat our young people. Almost daily over the last 10 or so years our young people have been bounced from pillar to post via legislation. Never before in this countries history have so many rules been aimed at a particular group as they have been in the last 10 years. The most high profile of these being the ASBO. They, the younger generation, are fighting back as only they can. By doing the very things The Law has told them they cannot do. This trait has gone on back through the ages. The more rules one imposes the higher the figures against that rule will slew and the fact that there appears to be more of our young people doing dangerous things making the figures higher against them should never surprise anyone.

Those aged between 14 and 21 have always been a target as they are probably at their most unruly at that age. They are most certainly at the age when doing dangerous things or living on the edge, is seen as exciting and the 'establishment' via The Law has always tried to curb them and the more they try the harder this age group fights back.

One day, maybe but do not hold your breath, our Government will see the folly and fix it but until that unlikely event happens I blame the 'establishment' and The Law for every young person killed due to fact they made up some law or other aimed at curbing the young doing what the young will always do and that is fighting the rules.

By the way, if you reading this fit into this age group then please take note of the following. Do not drink and drive because you do not risk just your own life but the life's of those around you.

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