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Saturday, 2 June 2007


In the following BBC article some woman who apparently is Tony Blair's "respect czar" prattles on about respect. She, it is said, championed ASBO's (one area of The Law that we all simply does not work and is being abused by mainly councils around the country because slapping someone, regardless of age, is much easier than actively doing something).

Now the daft woman is saying we lack respect across all echelons of UK society and she thinks this is down to, amongst other things, single-parenting, less church going and a breakdown in neighbourliness.

Can these people get any further out of touch?

Politeness is everywhere and here is a clue for her from someone at the wrong end of societies ladder. The UK is not just London and if you base all your views on what goes on in our capital City or the actions of those who live and work there then there is no hope for you and the rest of us, as those who live and work in London are the worst kind of UK citizen.

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