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Saturday, 30 June 2007

Badly Skewed

I read the BBC web site ( daily, sometimes several times a day and have done for as long as the bbc web site has been running. It is amongst the best for both news and layout.

While the BBC web site goes into much more detail and covers anything and everything under the sun the main UK area has the following layout. The news reports are small bite sized portions which make for easy reading. They do have more in depth reports as well but these small reports are perfect for getting the news if one is strapped for time. The layout has headline type reports and also has sections that cover the 4 main areas of the UK, so one can go to their own area and pick up some news from there or they can go to another area where perhaps their parents, grandparents, brother, sister etc live and read the news that affects them.

Now, where this is badly skewed is in how they view the great North-South divide. No matter how badly affected northern England has been if this same thing has affected southern England then you can almost guarantee 90% of reports will be from southern England even though those places in the north have been more badly affected. If they do report on something from the north you can bet they venture no further then Sheffield or maybe Birmingham. You can see this happening right now with regards flooded areas.


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