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Sunday, 17 June 2007

English profiles

Here in England, which for law purposes is separate from Britain as Scotland creates many of its own laws and then there is the Welsh Assembly, we are fast heading to a removal of most privacy rights. The national DNA database to name but one area this can be seen. Whether one has committed a crime or not one can be placed on this database. It is only a matter of time in this country, which is fast becoming a totalitarian state. before ones entry in this particular database begins at ones birth. That way the government is guaranteed to have a complete DNA profile of all the people they are supposed to be serving.

It is no secret that the government of this little quaint country keeps profiles on all manner of people and not just our criminal element either. Ordinary everyday people are also profiled.

Think about this for a minute. Just think how many national database your name is almost certain to be on. National insurance number, driving license, TV license, credit cards, doctors register of patients, a schools register, bank details. Travel documents like a passport.

A lot of aspects of our daily lifes leave trails of information.

Now let us put these is some sort of order.

You are born - NHS
Doctors - doctors register
You start school - School register
Natinal insurance number - Everyone born here gets one of these
You get a bank account - bank details
You get a house - bank/mortgage details or a council house
You get a TV - TV license
You get a credit card - credit card company
You get a car - The DVLA
You travel abroad - passport

Now the possibility of a lifelong national database profile is possible. Some think it is already here.

Do you know for certain it is not?

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