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Saturday, 30 June 2007


You know, I was sat at my desk at 5:50am UK time this morning and a sudden thought hit me.

There are many reports floating around the Internet about how England's population is getting older and how this fact is putting a strain on N.H.S. (National Health Service) resourses. There are more pensioners now living longer then ever before in the history of this country. They claim the N.H.S. which is free for all) is struggling cash wise because of this fact.

Now, they want all the peoples of this little Island to be more healthy. Eating, smoking and drinking are all things they say we could do in a more healthy fashion. Soon, this island will ban smoking in ALL public spaces which they claim is another step in the get healthy mantra they keep trotting out.

If their claims on healthy eating, smoking and drinking become fact and assuming the people actually go with the mantra, people will live longer which will cause even more of a drain on pension funds and N.H.S. funds. Of course one can argue that if people live healthier lifestyles then they will not need N.H.S. services and that is of course true but the strain on public pensions will grow.

And that dear readers is the paradox.

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