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Saturday, 23 June 2007

Climate Change

Climate Change is the 21st centuries biggest con by human kind on human kind. Those two words are tied in with other human kind cons on human kind and there has been plenty of those!

A multi-billion pound industry created by people with vested interests. Those people who need to feel useful, such as Greenpeace, jumped on this bandwagon as fast as it could and is now focused almost entirely on it.

More and more organizations around the world are being sucked in daily.

Our world is dying, that is a given. But it is naturally dying. It is not man made nor will or can it be man cured. Nature is going through one of her normal cycles. She goes, warm, cold, warm, cold, very cold, warm. And she has been doing this for millions of years, century after century since mans time on this fragile Earth began.

So, why all this bellowing about man made climate change? It is quite simply to rake more and more money in to be spent on nothing. To line a few peoples pockets while everyone else believes the bull and starts running around like headless chickens while those who started the whole charade watch with great amusement at their latest ruse on human kind.

Governments get in on the act by claiming this and that must be done to help stop the unstoppable. They do this because it rakes in yet more money which ultimately will be wasted by councilors.

The biggest losers in this natural phenomena are those who are suffering real hardships as our fragile earth we all call home goes through yet another of her natural cycles.

Climate change is utter bull.

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