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Thursday, 17 January 2008

The great EU - USA divide.

Is getting wider all the time.

As the U.S.A gets evermore embroiled in closing its borders to outsiders, whilst locking its own people in and at the same time making every American feel like a criminal, the E.U. continues to strive to open all its countries borders, with some exceptions.

The U.S.A. is threatening its people with the removal of all fair copying of CD/DVD (otherwise called fair use). Little England is considering giving its people this right. Contrary to what many U.K., not just England, dwellers think it is illegal here to copy, for ones own purposes only, any medium to another. Hence, why this change of Law is making so much news.

There are many areas where the U.K. and the U.S.A. differ. Many more areas now than at any other time in the two countries history. As the Internet makes news travel faster now than at any other time in human evolvement these differences are becoming evermore apparent.

The U.S.A. in an ever growing effort to separate themselves from every other country in the world wanted the E.U. to give over all manner of personal details about its citizens. The E.U. to their credit said go forth and multiply as what you are asking for contriviens several areas of the D.P.A. (Data Protection Act) in several countries within the E.U. It was a moment of utter paranoia so blatant the U.S.A. did not know, at first, how to respond. They had up to that point, in a show of typical U.S.A. brazenness, assumed the E.U. had the same goals as they did and to be refused was something they quite simply did not bargain for. But refused they was. It was at the time pure comedy.

The U.S.A. is closings its borders to outsiders and insiders while the E.U. opens their borders up and gives the people under their control a pat on their collectives heads in a fashion not dissimilar to how a father pats his son on his head.

It is all rather funny.

Actually, it is not just the U.S.A. and the E.U. that have an ever expanding divide. Look at the state of the world today. At this time in human history we have 4 great land masses that collectively we term the world. The U.S.A., The European Union, Russia and China and they are 4 totally separate land mases in so much as thy all have their own agendas and all 4 of those agendas are so totally different in their aims for their people and towards other countries people.

While all this is funny it also rings alarm bells. Are we heading for another world war? Perhaps Russia and China will combine against the U.S.A. and the E.U.? Whatever happens you can bet your last penny that the U.S.A. will start it or if not directly start it do something that forces the oppositions hand. Either way. The U.S.A. is dangerous.


Anonymous said...

One out of Eight legal residents of the USA is foreign born. That's much higher than many other times in our history known for their high immigration rates. Even though hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people move to the USA every year, we're still "shutting the gates", eh? With immigrant levels approaching historical highs, I think you should take off your partisan goggles for a bit and look around.

Anonymous said...

Yeah i disagree as well. despite the apparent backlash against immigrants in the US our country still relies heavily on immigrants. the backlash is against the illegals. countries in europe however are being forced to stop immigration...mostly from the simple fact that they are only so big and can hold only so many people. the US still has relativly plenty of room