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Monday, 21 January 2008

More money making spin.

So, England is warming up. As it has done many times before in history.

England's wildlife is on the move due to the above. As it has done many times before in history.

Parts of England is prone to flooding. As it has done many times before in history.

And all the various parties with a vested interest are once again as they have done throughout history rattling their money making tins under the noses of an increasingly wary public or making noises towards the Government in the hope they will be heard and money from the public purse will be showered upon them.

It is all a money making ruse. These parties with vested interest are hoping to play on the public conscience by spinning the news to make their vested interest sound worse than any other parties vested interest.

Flooding has always happened in England's lowlands. England has always had flood plains to eleviate any problems this flooding may have cause. But in our efforts to create living accommodation for England's ever increasing populace we have built this accommodation on the flood plains. Then we wonder why this accommodation floods when we have a drop of rain slightly above average. Added to this building on the nations flood plains we have seen gardens that surround older accommodation concreted over. What happens to the rain that used to get soaked up by these gardens now that its natural course has been removed? That is right. It floods into the surrounding accommodation.

Nature is not stupid. When man has damaged an area natures animals move on to somewhere else in a circle of life that has sustained itself throughout history. Man. That most destructive of animals however simply sticks its head in the sand and while oblivious to the damage it is causing to other less sophisticated animals does what man has always done. And that is damage everything around it. The heathlands, marshlands peat bogs etc etc have been systematically raped by man and the consequence of that is that natures less sophistcated animals move on to less damaged areas. They always have. It is quite simply a matter of survival.

But still these parties with vested interests spin these truths and rattle their money tins for evermore money. What do they hope to do? Nature will always find a way with and definatelly without their help.

I am sick to my back teeth of being told in a constant barrage that we must strive to save this or that. It really does not matter how much money you throw at these issues. Nature will do as Nature has done throughout history and that is find a way to survive. And survive it will.

So, the next time some party comes rattling its money tins under your nose and spins the news to suit their vested interests ask them this question. How has man, as part of an ever evolving circle of life, and all of natures various creatures survived up to now without your help?

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