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Sunday, 27 January 2008

Something to play with.

Apologies to any and all regular and not so regular readers of this blog but my time of late to be on the Internet has been limited.

This isn't something that annoyed me, the complete opposite in fact. One of my lads, aged 10 currently, found my old Amiga A1200 which sits plugging away quietly hanging off my network. He, for whatever reason, was found routing under my desk. On asking him why he was there and what he was looking for he replied with "what is that?" whilst at the same time pointing at the Amiga. I explained it was a computer that at one time was the best of the best and some like myself say it still is. "Does it play games?" He asked. I replied not only does it play games it was the computer at one time on which people played games. "Can I have it in my bedroom?" Was the next question from him. I replied no but I can get something similar for your MS infected PC or the same for the Linux half of it.

He was excited at the prospect so I set about getting WinUae for him. I got the required kickrom from my A1200 and created the Workbench .adf files off the same.

After routing around the Internet I found several places where many games and application came in adf format. I will not link to any of them here as they are of dubious legality. On pushing my ethics to one side for a wee bit I downloaded several of the, in my opinion, games and applications.

More searching of the Internet found AIAB (Amiga In A Box) and AmiSys. While AIAB is an excellent add-on for the emulated Amiga I personally think AmiSys is overall better. So, I installed that for him along with some AmiSys add-on packages and a boot-load of adf format games and utilities and he is now very happy playing those older games. He has said that "some of these games are excellent". I think back then games where all about game play whereas todays games are lacking in game play but are big on content.

Still, it is nice to have introduced him to the fantastic operating system of yesteryear called Amiga OS and with the links I have thrown in above you too could enjoy this wonderous experience and enjoy a time in computer history when innovation really was innovation.


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