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Saturday, 5 April 2008

Children growing up today,

In a world gone mad, only those with the will to survive, will survive.

It must be a really confusing world them. Especially so here in the U.K. where regulations created by people who really should know better, simply must be upheld irregardless of the damage it causes. My personal definition of children are boys and girls in the 5 to 12 age bracket. Before 5 years old they are babies then toddlers, after 12 years old they become teenagers and teenagers are classed as kids then youths. Maybe these definitions are old hat? If they are then perhaps we should tell the babies/toddlers/children/kids/youth's.

Forget the fact we force our children into the, what should be, but has not been since the mid 1970's, strict world of education at an age in the childs development cycle when they should never be. Forget the fact that, by the demands laid upon them in so many ways, children are not allowed to be children any more. Forget the fact that our nations early educational demands stunt whatever learning potential the children may or may not have then or in the future. Forget the fact that we have a government that has consistently failed our children. Forget the fact that we allow despot individuals to lay down stupid rules that govern both our children and we parents. Forget the fact that parents are no longer allowed to bring up our own children as we see fit.

All of which leads me to this. My attention was captured by the story of a 3 year old boy who was sent home one day because of his haircut. Yes, i thought that too. His haircut.

What signals does this send out to a 3 year old child? It must tell him that he should conform to someone's, other than his own parents, ideals. it must tell him that he has no choices to make. It mus tell him that his own choices are somehow bad and by extension he is somehow bad. It must tell him that his parents are somehow bad because they allowed him to be put in the position. It must tell him all the wrong things. Things that will help to shape this litle boys view of the world.

Poor little chap.

This sort of story, with all the undertones it carries, is unfortunately all too prelevant in todays society. It is one of many that sends out all the wrong signals to a child struggling to make sense of a world so wrapped up in itself it misses the big picture.

Is it any wonder then that we are seeing an ever increasing amount of children being classified as 'troubled'.?

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