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Thursday, 3 April 2008

Content providers.

In an excellent blog post on the BBC web site by Ashley Highfield the Director of Future Media and Technology in which he scolds ISP's for moaning about bandwidth issues.

Specifically the bandwidth used by the BBC's iplayer service. I urge you to read it and to understand the consequences of what he is saying.

It is not often that I can agree with anything the BBC has to say but in this instance I say he has got it spot on. Why should users of a given ISP pay an ISP for broadband access and then the ISP get paid by the BBC for users using the BBC service?

I really hope the BBC prints a name and shame list of ISP and I bet our ISP would top the list. I know for a fact our ISP has tried to get money out of the BBC, specifically because of the bandwidth used by people who have legally paid for the broadband service have or will access the BBC iplayer.

My ISP already charges over the odds prices for an "up to" 8mb service so being forced to pay twice is not something I, and many others who have no choice in ISP access, relish one bit.

I can say with absolute certainty that our ISP filters the BBC iplayer service and at times, especially during 6pm to midnight, the service offered by the BBC as a public service is unavailable. It is unavailable because our ISP makes it so. Mr Highfield is against this practice, not that our ISP cares about its users as there is no competition for them to worry about here.

Good on you Mr Highfield for showing up ISP's for what they are.

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