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Thursday, 24 April 2008


Is surely just a by word for Mother Natures liking for Natural Selection.

Many old time sayings such as the fit get fitter are based around the Natural Selection process and by extension extinction.

So, while the loss of any creature has to be deplored does it follow that the loss is a bad thing? I think not. Hardly a day goes by without some conservation group saying this or that creature it becoming extinct. What we do not hear so much about is the number of new to us, 'us' being humans, creatures found, and cataloged, almost daily. It is reckoned that we only know about, 'know' as in have a record of in some cataloge, approximately 27% or so of Earths creatures. From sea to land, from England's countryside to the deserts of the Sahara, there are potentially millions of creatures not yet 'found'. Quite how they quantify the unknown is open to debate itself but in an effort to prick your conscience quantify it they do in the hope that you do not realise that quantifying the unknown is akin to taking holidays on the Sun itself.

There are records of creatures long since regarded as being extinct. There are records of creatures long thought to be extinct but have popped up again on the conservationists radar.

The Earth, and all who live on it, are such a diverse bunch that the cataloging of all creatures on land and sea will probably never be completed. Plus, and this seems a obvious thing to me, how do we know for sure what is a totally new creature and what has just popped up on the radar is not something that Mother Nature removed for a few years only to bring it back to life centuries later? You know, that process called Natural Selection.

There is little doubt that as Mankind has spread itself ever thinly, or as some might say ever thickly, across this Earth that it has left in its wake a trail of destruction the like of which has never been seen before in the time Man has existed. But even that leaves open many questions some of which defend Mankind and others that show Mankind as the killers of all creatures great and small everywhere they have ventured. But, are they really killers in the true sense of the word or are they simply following the 'only the fit survive' mantra?

I am not a biologist nor consavationist nor indeed am I the type to stamp on spiders but this whole extinct this and extinct that mantra are to me just empty words from another section of our society vying for your money to help them survive. There are thousands of those organisations and I for one will not fall for it. What you do is as always entirely up to you.

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