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Sunday, 13 July 2008

Kneejerk reactions.

Is what the present government is all about. Just about every law they have dreamed up and implemented has resulted from kneeejerk reactions. And so the same can be said for the latest government reaction to the spate of knife related crime that has in recent times hit parts of this once proud and fine country.

The government insist on closing the stable door after the horses have bolted. They do this level of law implementing on anything they touch. The issues with knife crime go a lot deeper than some of our youth carrying a knife. As per usual for this present government they deem the issues to be the result not the cause. It is but a tiny fraction of our youth base that are 1) Doing the crime and 2) Ending up dead because of 1. This government is daemonising all our youth because of a few. They are, as always, sending out the wrong signals. They are pandering to those who feel they are threatened by the youthful few when in actual fact they are as far removed from the problem areas as the youth are from the hallowed halls of Westminster. But that does not stop our government from implementing new laws to close the stable doors after the horses have bolted.

I do not know what the answer to knife related crime is. I have some ideas though. The result of it is often times death. But why do our youth deem it necessary to carry a knife in the first place? That question is a hard one because no one really knows the extent of the problem. Sure they know where the problem areas are but they have no idea in relation to the entire country. I reckon the problem starts in the primary school years. Education is the key to the answers not using a hammer to crack a nut as this government insists on doing. Because of a few problem areas all youth will be tarred with the same brush. Considering we the people entrusted this government with running this once proud and fine country we should be ashamed at their answers to the problems modern life faces.

Knifes have always been with us. From the turn of last century through to modern times. People have always carried knifes and people have always used knifes. Unfortunately, people have always died because of knifes. It does not take a rocket scientists brain to work out that the issues have been with us for many tens of years and that current deaths from knifes crimes while shocking are nothing more than a blip on the spreadsheet.

If this government, indeed any future government, really wanted to stop or even cut down knife related crime they would not entrust our police to do it. No. Our police have too many powers already. Giving them mandate to further intrude into the lives of our youth is just plain wrong and sends out all the wrong signals. It further installs into those few of our youth that is legitimises what they do. Instead they should be aiming to shock our youth at the primary school age. How they would do this is not my place to guess but it is certainly doable. While this method will do little to nothing about the present generation of youth it will impact on the next generation. So, instead of yet another kneejerk reaction to what the newspapers say is happening the plan would seem to indicate that the government has for once come up with a thoughtful plan of action.

Is this too much to ask from the people we elected to govern instead of rule? Probably.

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