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Thursday, 31 July 2008

Overweight? Consider this.

I have mentioned it before on this blog that if one takes a look at photographs from the late 1800's and early 1900's in Britain, America, Australia, Ireland etc you will see lots of 'plump' people, mostly women who at that time were considered beautiful if plump. Skinny women were scorned. Men, however, used to be the workers and if those workers worked in a factory or in a strenuous job then invariably they were slim. Most in those days were hungry which also accounted for the slim men. Even then there was plump men about.

Look at various countries and one will see plump people are the norm and always have been the norm. This obsession with ridiculous figures such as being 13 to 31kg overweight is a problem is utter rubbish.

The British and American obsession with weight is dangerous. It is dangerous simply because if, as they want, everyone is slim then we run the risk of people dying. They will die because this obsession demand they eat less or that they eat more fruit and less meat etc.

It is not rocket science to see this happening. Let us take a look at say Congo. The Congolese people, women especially, are genetically plump people. Even in other countries that do not eat the so called Western diet the people are genictally plump. The world over it is the same.

British people are not genetically slim people. They never have been and probably never will be, unless those with the obsession of making everyone the world over slim win which bring us right back to what I said earlier about people dying. Because the Americans are, in the main, from British stock they too are not genetically slim people by nature.

Much of todays science about what we eat and how we eat and how we exercise, or not etc is so much hot air we are in danger of walking blind on these issues.

People the world over have been genetically overweight since time began. Not everyone, obviously, sits in that category but the vast majority of people do. Whether they be a few kilograms overweight or a few 10's overweight makes no difference. It has always been that way.

Incase you think otherwise after reading the above I am neither overweight nor underweight. Nor is any of my immediate family nor my extended family. Infact, we have never had a family member going back to the earliest photograph
we have (date stamped 1864) except for the wife of my great great Grandfather who was a plump women. I just abhor this obsession touted by so called experts as it is utter bunkum at every level.

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