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Tuesday, 1 July 2008

KC talk to us again.

As I mentioned a while ago KC are now talking to us again. The last meeting was last night during which most of what was spoken about can be revealed but some of it cannot.

What annoys me most about all of this is those who claim HWWNBN (He Who Will Not Be Named) and I are somehow getting something extra out of it. That is simply not true on any level. Sure, at the meeting last night it was disclosed that my partner in crime and I were to be added to some future unnamed beta program but that could end up causing us more headaches than anything else. But there are some out there that see this as some sort of plus thing. What they don't now is that we two being added to some beta program opens the doors for other users to be added at a later date. I was going to mention this during last nights argument but in the end I felt so pissed off with the whole lot that I never bothered to mention it. Not that they would of taken any notice. They would probably have twisted my words and made it sound like I was just saying it to take the heat out. Such things happen at a boring regularity in there. Such is life I suppose.

There are times when we both think it just is not worth the effort to carry on doing these meetings. KC seem to enjoy sharing what they want to share and more importantly they are actively taking notice of us and implementing things we have brought up, for the benefit of everyone connected via Karoo, but the hassle we both get for doing it is sometimes just is not worth it.

They, KC, are listening to us. They are actively looking to sort out any issues raised via us. They are looking to improve their service offerings. They are listening and in some cases implementing things that we have brought up that will make things better for every user. None of this however seems to go down well with the closed group we belong to. No sir. A few are claiming we know nothing about what we talk about at these meetings. One even went to far as to infer that we get backhanders from KC. Sometimes I despair of the group I really do.

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