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Sunday, 29 June 2008


Am I the only person in the world that sees Bill Gates leaving Microsoft as a good thing?

To read the Internet news sites one would think all he did was good. It wasn't. He stole to get his first leg up which got him on the road to making his fortune. He never innovated. Ever. Instead he bought everything then put it into his operating system called Windows.

Every single part of Microsoft Windows, from DOS to Vista was bought, rebranded then incorporated into Windows. His latest Windows, Vista, brought nothing new to the operating system world either. The Areo interface that sucks the life out of the average machine is a copy of the Linux Compiz stack. The compiz stack was available for Linux users 2 years before Vista hit the shelves. Areo is a poorly done copy of it.

The UAC in Vista that irritates all but the simplist of users is a poor attempt at creating a 'sudo' like setup for Windows. i say poor because it is so badly done it is a joke. I will say it again. There is nothing new in Vista that Linux and MAC users haven't had available to them for years. In some cases 10 years.

Hopefully, when Windows 7 comes out that will be the final nail in the coffin. Vista is the start of the death knell. The rot has already started and Bll Gates leaving before the death bells toll should not surprise any one.

Bill Gates leaving Microsoft should be seen as a good thing. Not least because his stewardship of Microsoft was what made the company pervaisive in almost every market they bought into. Now he has gone there is no-one to take his place and no-one capable of holding the company together.

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