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Sunday, 15 June 2008

Though control

You see, it works like this. We the general public, the great boring unwashed, the very backbone of this
country vote into power a lot of egocentric twits whose only concern is making as much money for themselves as possible and then those same egocentric megalomanical
people shit right into our boring faces by bringing in all manner of Laws that stifle
the words and actions of the very people, boring as they are, that voted them into
power in the first place. The boring unwashed then complain. Around and around it goes in a never ending cycle.

Boring isn`t it? Boring it is, but that
is how it is.

However, these great boring unwashed then start having thoughts about the whole process. We do not
yet have the thought police on our tails (soon baby soon) so having thoughts is still allowed. Once those in power get bored of the great unwashed and their thoughts or if those thoughts undermine the whole process as outlined above then they will seek ways to stop it.

They will attempt to stop thoughts, random thoughts that go off the beaten trail, in schools first. At the primary age level which they will hope that by the time these primary children reach an age when the random thought process could be a problem to those in power the children will be devoid of all such thought traits. But until that time thoughts are allowed and often encouraged because for the great unwashed to think they can make a difference encourages them. Keeps them placid so those in power can do as they please behind teir backs.

But even there there are those who have random power undermining thoughts. These thoughts then get out
and those in power hear them. To stifle these thoughts they bring in more powers
against the great boring unwashed masses. This boring vicious circle goes around and
around and around and around until the day arrives those in power cannot stand by any longer. Until the day the country explodes.

Boring is not
quite the correct word for this circle of events but boring it most certainly is.

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