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Sunday, 15 June 2008


Okay. This post could be awkward. But then I have never been one to shirk away from
anything, some of it may be a tad blunt to some.

Teenagers have always congregated in groups and crowds. If anyone older claiming to
be an adult denies this they are quite simply lying. The slogan for the 12 to 20 age
group should be

Do not make the majority suffer due to the actions of the minority

I am racially tolerant. No, really, I am. What I cannot stand is brutal thugs who go around attacking
anyone who is not white or as in some cases, because those they attack are simply different. This difference could be skin colour, dress code or any other minor thing that just happens to be different.

What these thugs do is not racial intolerance, it is out and out thuggery.
Those who behave in this manner are wanton thugs out to attack the very thing that makes this nation great. They have no view of right and wrong. All they see is that somehow their target differs from them.
I see this kind of thought process amongst parents at my children's school. Children are impressionable because of that this thug mentality is obviously passed down to
their children. The school my children go to, like so many other schools, has a lot of non-white pupils. Pupils with dark hair or ginger hair. Pupils that are overweight etc etc. A right mixed bag as you would expect. Children, in the main, have an ability to see passed all these differences, they tolerate each other in a way that somehow gets lost as they grow older. They lose it because of what they hear their parents saying about such things. As these children grow
older what does the future hold for such attitudes?

Take ethnic migration as an example of how people differ in looks as well as in how they act. These differences enrich the country as a whole. If we as a nation are
going to allow these thugs who are so short minded as to believe ethnic differences is a bad thing then I strongly
suggest you look back into this nations history. We have always had a mix of races.
My own children are taught that outwardly we may differ but internally we are all
human beings with the same feelings. I pity the day this mixing of races is stopped because of some shortsightedness or because the thugs won.

Those bastards, the lower level of human scum, that beat up pensioners should be strung with cheese wire which is
attached to the back bumper of a car and then driven the full length of the M6 from
north to south or south to north, whichever way the route runs. Twice. If the sub-human persons body
parts fall off which detaches him/her from the car then the cheese wire should be
reattached elsewhere on the body until the full journey is completed. Same goes for child molesters and anyone else belonging to the sub-human category of human beings.
I would get TV makers to film the journey live on television via a program all of its own, each episode would be on for the length of time the journey takes with snippets being shown during the evening news so that their victims and families of victims and other possible offenders and everyone else, can see we will not tolerate such atrocities
against our pensioners and children.

And before some ¨Human Rights¨ crusader
(AKA Blankethead) comes along and says ¨One cannot do that!¨ I say let your grandparent or child be a victim of either of these heinious
crimes voluntarily. You couldn`t could you. Your crusade is a sham.

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