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Friday, 20 June 2008

Ofcom whitewash.

In this article on the awful thisishull web site Ofcom once again say KC/Karoo are angels in the ISP business. It would not surprise me one bit if Ofcom are taking backhanders from KC/Karoo. I am not saying they do just that whenever things like this come up Ofcom always, and I mean always, comes down on the side of KC/Karoo.

Neither care about customers who are locked into one broadband provider. Neither care that Karoo are, while improving, awful in every area from customer service to provision of service. Their business offerings are laughable. Their home customer offerings are worse.

The broadband offerings from Karoo offer as little by way of extras as they are allowed to get away with. their package offering as as basic as basic is basic. They give their users a no frills service which means you get the connection and that is it. Sure they offer a very very very small amount of 'free' web space and provide email accounts with viri scanning (which incidentally they palm off to a 3rd party who for all we customers know look at every email passing through their systems. More on this later). Hull's broadband users are the laughing stock of almost every other broadband providers users throughout the U.K. and that is it. No frills that most other broadband customers throughout the U.K. take for granted as part of their contracts and usually cheaper too.

Karoo do not care. All they care about are profits and because of that their users will remain the laughing stock of the broadband users the U.K. over.

Ofcom say they received 111 responses from Kcom's Karoo customers as a result of the public consultation process in November last year and that those responses revealed a general discontent about having no choice of broadband. Ofcom did not listen though nor did they investigate further. Instead they trotted out this bilge masquerading as a report what KC/Karoo have said many times and that is that other ISP's felt operating in Hull was not cost-effective. Actually, that is word for word from many emails and conversations I have had with various high up on the ladder at KC. A coincidence? Perhaps.

All in all the report shits in the faces of the people of Hull as KC/Karoo have been doing for years.

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