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Monday, 9 June 2008


I have mentioned before that my two sons from my previous marriage are like chalk and cheese in most things. One plays sport (Rugby League) the other does not. One likes a drink with his mates down the pub, the other likes social drink. One drinks to what is now called excess, the other does not. The one that plays Rugby League is the one that does not. Yet, the one who plays Rugby League is labled 'clinically obese' whereas the other lad is not.

This highlights what is wrong with the current method of measuring peoples weight. The BMI is fundamentally flawed at the core. Because of this one can dismiss the Government scaremongering numbers regarding how many adults and children are any level of obese in this country.

Look at old family photographs, the chances are you will see people of all shapes and sizes. Go further back, to the late 1800's and early 1900's and the chances are you will ever more plump individuals, especially woman because at that time in our history skinny woman where abhored. Plump woman where adored.

People, men especially, have always had a drink. My Grandfather who grew up during the 1920's often recounted tales of drunken brawls at pub chucking out time. Indeed, my Grandfather himself was arrested more than once for 'disturbing the peace' after a few fights. No-one back then suggested he may have a drink problem (which he didn't, he was a seaman who would go months without alcohol passing his lips). He was also of stout stock. Never unfit. Never had a beer belly.

The fact that the Government, in collusion with the medical profession, are sending out specialist teams of civil servants to target several towns and cities around the U.K. should tell you all you need to know about this freedom removing Government as they continue to encroach of our freedoms and private lives. The very fact that they are using a plainly flawed metric in a poor effort to backup their meddling plans shows exactly what they think of the people who put them in power. They are assuming we are badly educated dweebs who cannot think for themselves hence the need for the Government to poke their collective fingers into our way of life.

Don't get me wrong here. There is an element of our late teens and early 20's who are causing problems for the general public with their weekly habit of binge drinking. Back in my own youthful days we went out every night drinking. Rarely got into fights and even rarely did we fall asleep on the streets. Nowadays it seems that during the week the pubs are quiet but come the weekend that minority come out and get blathered. The ale on sale in pubs these days contains so many chemicals it is no wonder the youth of today cannot handle it.

Still, to do as the Government plan on doing is really taking a hammer to break a nut.

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