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Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Economic freefall.

As the U.K. along with the rest of the world economy continues to free fall one has to ask the question as to why this is. As many millions in the U.K. drop further and further into poverty there are a few, an ever dwindling few, who are raking in millions and millions of UKP. As someone who has spent almost all of his near 50 years just above the poverty line it annoys me to see how much money the top ten table of people have. I am not jealous of them as the sheer monotony their lives must have is enough for me to think serves you right.

As absurd a notion as this sounds, I firmly believe that the world is run by at most 6 people. These people pull the strings of Governments the world over. These are the worlds most powerful men who accumulate the most money and give away none.

Look at the world. Poverty is everywhere. At different levels sure, but every country in the world has some people who are below the poverty line. In the rich countries of the world this is an unacceptable thing. How so called powerful and rich countries such as America and the U.K have people who sit below the poverty line is something I cannot understand. There has always been poor countries with that countries starving millions. Millions of people dying from starvation is nothing new. My old Grandmother, god bless her soul, used to say when pictures came on the T.V. during the 1960's and 1970's of yet another drought in some far away country that was sure to lead to many millions starving and eventually dying that it was natures way of ridding the world of its less fortunates. When she looked at those pictures emanating from her T.V. she used to question the wisdom of those people who invariably sstarving and yet they were carrying a small child. She used to say that when a given country was under U.K. rule those people would not have died. She was a firm and committed member of the Commonwealth and only saw it as a good thing for those far away starving masses. Whether she was right or not is immaterial as it is the sentiment of her wisdom I am trying to put across.

And yet, the U.S.A. and the U.K. along with other so labled Western countries have their own starving people as well as the old and infirm some of whom die each winter. This is an unforgivable thing for so called civilized countries to have. But, we have it and it is at the behest of those with so much money and power they pull the worlds governmental strings.

It is wrong for any living soul on this Earth to die from decease and starvation. The world will never be a good place while these two most fundamental things are eradicated.

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