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Thursday, 28 August 2008

Beat them if they won't comply.

This article on the BBC website is all well and good but let us be sure this is what is really needed. Take this quote as an excellent example of what I am aiming at.

"The council's zero tolerance approach aims to reduce the feeling of
neglect and lack of respect within neighbourhoods and to help improve
the quality of people's lives and encourage civic pride."

Read and digest that quote. Does it scare you as much as it does me?

I am all for not littering. I was raised when the T.V. campaign "Keep Britain Tidy" was active and since those days have always made the effort to either take our rubbish home with us or ensure it is placed in the proper bin wherever we may be. As a father i have always instilled this attitude into my children too. But, beating people up by handing out fines over what could be a careless act is just plain wrong.

That quote above shows exactly why the various councils around this country have no respect whatsoever from the vast majority of people. Even less respect is offered to councils that are Hell bent on simply expanding council coffers. After all, that is what "zero tolerance" is all about. It has nothing at all to do with "civic pride". There are surely better ways to proffer civic pride into people then there is in that method of instailling "civic prde".

How about a national T.V. campaign as was done in the 1970's? Splash is all over childrens T.V. so we catch them young as they did back then. We have a whole two generations that do not care about anyone or anything except themselves but fining these people for what is ultimately a Governement problem is wrong.

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