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Monday, 15 September 2008

Top posters.

It cannot have escaped those who have been using the Usenet for any length of time that the vast majority of top posters come in two categories. One, those that are new to the Usenet  and know no better. Two, they use MS Windows and the Usenet program that comes with it.

This latter one can be fixed using something called the OEQuote patch or some similar name. The former can be educated but don't bet your house on them changing if they haven't installed the afore mentioned patch and even if they have the chances of them changing is slim at best.

Even Microsoft caved in and released the OEQuote patch so that Outlook Express defualts to the bottom of the post instead of the unpacthed Outlook Express that defaults to the top of the post thereby giving users of it the idea that that is the correct way to post.

Much contention can be seen around the Usenet over top versus bottom versus intermingled posts and which is the more correct. If one reads a book you do not expect the en to be on the first page. Similarly, if you read a Q&A faq you do not expect to see the answers given before the question. So, why do some people insist that top posting is correct?

The mind boggles at what goes on the heads of such people. Do they live their lives backwards?

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