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Tuesday, 30 September 2008

My ISP and ADSL2+ (part 4)

It has grown increasingly clear that our ISP does not care for its userbase. They plan everything around those users who know nothing about how or why their connection works as long as it does. Us lot (power users they call us) that do know such things are increasingly ignored.

This was never more clear than after the recent tests of ADSL2+ here.

Since they started the tests it has become increasingly clear that they have not the faintest idea why sync speeds for the vast majority of their customers are so crap. As long as old Mary Smith is happy with her connection then they are happy for her and chuffed with themselves they can please this level of user. Because they have not the faintest clue why the contact with them has got less and less until silence ensued.

This shows to me a total lack of caring for their power users. Okay so those power users make up about 1% of their total customer base but it is that 1% of users that   demand the best from their connections as that 1% of users are much more likely to use protocols the other 99% have never heard of let alone used.

What they cannot seem to grasp is that the twisted pair wiring here is mostly old. Because it is old it is more likely to break down during heavy usage resulting in dropped connections, slow connections etc etc. Why they cannot, or will not admit to this only they know. Until such a time arrives when they will admit ADSL2+ is a joke not worth laughing at here and acknowledge where the problems with ADSL2+ really lays then there will be no such thing as a high speed connection. Not until fibre comes along anyway and if they screw that up like they have  this ADSL2+ then they are beyond hope. We are close to that now anyway and it will not take much to drive the 1% over the edge. Not that we can go anywhere else which the majority of that 1% would given the chance.

ADSL2+ here in hull is so poor it is a joke. A joke not worth laughing at. As the parent companies shares fall and the companies cost rise the likelihood of them fixing what is so obviously the problem grows less and less likely withe ach passing day.

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