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Monday, 15 September 2008


Our ISP has recently moved a lot of their customers from ADSL to ADSL2+ and surprise  surprise everybody's line syncs have dropped.

Why is this not a surprise to anyone except the ISP in question? Because, we users are used to be shafted by our ISP. Some are saying they have deliberately slowed people down to save on bandwidth costs. Others are saying they will use the Consumer Act against the ISP. They are saying that the ISP lied to the cities residents when they pumped up ADSL2+. Advertising everywhere to maximise how many people saw their adverts. Now people have moved over to it they are finding they have stepped back a few year in time with speeds lower than they had on the older ADSL technology.

In our group we have a couple of solicitors and they are looking very closely at what the ISP said about ADSL2+ and what people ended up getting. The two could not be further apart in fact so they will not have to look very hard.

The 'upgrade' to ADSL2+ is a mess and has left a lot of, read,most of, their customers with slower speeds. You cannot believe the depth of feeling generated over this. I have had a weekend of  seemingly none stop emails over this and I am not exhausted of interest.

I have asked the ISP to put me back on the older ADSL to which they replied that could I give them a couple of days to see what they can sot out before 'downgrading'. I said that in the name of helping other customers I would wait until no later then Wednesday. If no solution to the slower line syncs arrives I fully expect to be back on ADSL by Wednesday morning.

We shall have to wait and see what they come up with and see if they can fix whatever it is that is so obviously broken. i will not be holding my breath on that happening. We shall see though.

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