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Saturday, 2 August 2008

Not at all surprising.

Many web sites offer the chance to email for more information. This is particularly true of many commercial and most of the bigger web sites. But is anyone in the slightest surprised when correspondence to these info@ email addresses go unanswered? I am not.

The Hull County Council web site is one such web site that in my findings rarely answers emails send to their info@ email address. Not surprisingly it can be located on the 'Contact Us' page. In relation to the info@ email address on that page under the heading of Email it says "You can email, remembering to include your name and address so we can process your request, either directly to the service you are trying to
access, or via the council's main inbox." Nowhere does it say "All emails to this address will be wilfully ignored. So, it is with some expectation that any emails sent to that address will get at the very least some sign that it was read. Better, of course, would be a reply that had something to do with the question but that is obviously asking too much of our hard working council workers who's wages are paid out of the fund extorted from the people who email them!

Seriously. it bugs me when people ignore emails but when the council does it it becomes annoying.

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