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Sunday, 18 May 2008

Can we laugh?

I read this BBC article and something my long dead Grandma used to say jumped immediately into my head. She used this term a lot. "All fur coat and no knickers" which meant that whoever she aimed the phrase at had no money but plenty of debt.

I guess we can expect the less well off to be hit by the latest credit crunch but when it hits those more affluent people we are supposed to feel sorry for them. But why should we? It is well known that those within the middle class bracket always take on more debt than they should to fund a front end to the world that says "Look! We have money." But the reality is that they have no money at all because their very existance is all debt funded. Hence "All fur coat and no knickers."

Can we laugh at their current situation? Of course we can. And I do. My wife calls it inverted snobbery. I simply love seeing the middle classes struggle financially. It proves to me just how false their whole existence is. All the pretense. They deserve everything they suffer during the current credit crunch and long may it go on once the country has got over it.

In that article there is a quote by some Senior debt adviser. It reads. "I've had at least two clients sit in front of me and tell me they would of killed themselves if they hadn't found out we were here." Oh those poor darlings. Perhaps the world would be a better place if they hadn't of found them.

Inverted snobbery or not. We on the lower rung of life's fragile existence are suffering too but it is truly heartening on this lovely sunny Sunday morning to know those above us on life's ladder are suffering more than we are.

Let the phony buggers suffer.

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