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Thursday, 1 May 2008

Karoo ignoring users (part 4)

And so it went. This will be the last post in the Karoo ignoring users set as they eventually got in touch with us, us being HWSRN (He Who Shall Remain Nameless) and I, who are part of the KCom dubbed Karoo Technical Forum, and the outcome of that is a meeting scheduled for later this very month. So, they are no longer ignoring us but are in fact looking forward to the collaboration between them and us. They claim the silence was to give us all some space and a chance to calm down which for HWSRN did not and is not happening. But, we are going forward with a view to help shape how they deliver their broadband service for the home user and if some of that rubs off onto business users then all is well and good.

The conversation was short and sweet but at least they contacted us and not us them. Well, save for an email I wrote complaining of their handling of the whole affair.

There are changes coming to the new package sets. More additions to separate Karoo Pro from the other two package sets. ReverseDNS has gone cold so that is unlikely to surface as on option any time soon, if ever, which is a shame because that is something i wanted. Multiple IP's, at a cost, are coming. More upload speed is coming. A better control panel which will allow customers to decide when their download allowance can be used rather than the rigid midnight to 8am structure currently used. User regulated QOS is being touted as well as a few other less interesting bits and bobs. A much more detailed page or two on when a customer did what on-line. The possibility of customers being able to decide which protocols are allowed from their network or machine at what time etc. I have no idea at this time what extra cost these optional add-on bits are going to cost but cost they will.

There is other stuff too such as fibre to house (F2H) which they are doing now for all new houses built with the rest of us having to wait until such a time as they replace all the ancient copper lines with fibre. Apparently the cable guys are looking into several options in this area so I guess until such a time as they have discovered the cheapest way of doing this transition it will not actually start. But from what was said they are close. This, of course, is not going to happen overnight but will happen eventually. They are not talking years and years in the future either. So expect that to come to your house soonish.

The wheels of industry move slowly and Karoo are not exception to that rule. All the above is coming but they will not, probably cannot, give time scales to market.

So, after weeks of silence they finally broke and contacted us and told us those snippets of information. Now that this blog series draws to a close with this being the last blog post in the series what should I call any future post? Information from Karoo? Help me decide.

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