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Saturday, 10 May 2008

MS SP3 cockup.

Though they, MS and their army of blinkered followers, would like you to believe they issues where not caused by MS but by AMD CPU's (anyone remember WinTel?), an ASUS motherboard and a driver file that should not be there that is automatically run at boot-up. There are, apparently, some further combinations of setups out there that also trigger the bugs. More information of what causes the problems and how to fix those problems can be found here.

We have 2, out of 12, MS XP machines left dangling on our network. Our two elder boys need the MS platform for school work, but that may, nay should, change in the not too distant future as our council looks into cost savings in the council ancillary staff and educational budgets. Our two elder boys need vendor lock-in because of the limited foresight of previous councilors here. That and the fact the local council probably got a back hander or cheaper than normal goods from MS. However we arrive at the state of local schools IT the simple fact is that pupils and students need to purchase an expensive OS for home use so they can complete whatever work is set for their homework, but I digress.

So, imagine the dismay of several parents when their systems when into 'Reboot Hell'. People like me who fix such issues for people have been very busy these last days as the queue to have their machines fixed took me most of 1 14 hour day to fix and the fix itself takes roughly 2 minutes to do.

These sort of incidents highlights why vendor lock-in is bad. Bad for customers that is and yet they keep on using it. I have converted a few away from MS and a few came to me to have MS Vista removed for them and in most cases replaced with an OS that does not suffer from vendor lock-in.

No matter how MS spin this they are in the wrong for not having their setup program check for the CPU type and the driver file causing most of the SP3 issues. But, no. They are trying desparately to deflect the blame on others as usual.

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