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Friday, 3 October 2008

My ISP and ADSL2+ (part 6)

Now at the end of the week. Many emails have been sent to my ISP, some to the guy who we hold meetings with, some to a contact I have had there for years and a couple to their so called customer service email address. Every single one has gone without a reply. I get the feeling that just like several times before i am on some internal ignore list.

What is all the more surprising is that the guy who we hold the meetings with is the Head of Infrastructure for their entire network across the whole country. And here he is pissing me and everyone we represent off.

Perhaps others outside of the KC/Karoo service areas are used to be ignored but here, especially when they asked us to setup a meeting, is  not a good thing to do. They know we will spread the word to every newspaper, radio station and news web sites faster than they can put a stop to us doing it. They know that when we say we are pissed off we are really well and truly pissed off.

My own thoughts on why they are ignoring us again is that they know their ADSL2+ is a massive mistake. A total and utter and utter mess and no matter how much data we throw their way they have not got the slightest clue how to fix the mess ADSL2+ have left them with.

They can ignore us all they like but once we have had enough of them ignoring us and the problems, real problems people all over the city are having with this ADSL2+ mess they will regret the day they ever considered ignoring us  a good thing to do.

I shall continue on a daily basis to collect all the moans that keep arriving in my inbox, on my mobile in both txt and calls, via snail mail and so on from people within our own group as well as from some, a lot actually, outside it. So far that count has hit 2126 unique telephone numbers. The numbers are growing. They cannot ignore them just because a few old ladies and gentlemen say their connections are stable.

It is the power users of Karoo that define who they are. Pre the ADSL2+ mess the service was quite simply brilliant. Now, after the ADSL2+ mess was instigated it is  a nightmare. They have to face up to this fact sooner rather than hope we all go away. If they don't then the first ISP that comes into the city will get their custom and once customers start moving others will surely follow and if that was to happen it will sound the death knell for Karoo as an ISP and quite probably for KC as the telephone line provder for this area. If not the death knell then surely they will not be top dog.

The time for action is growing ever nearer.

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