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Monday, 6 October 2008

My ISP and ADSL2+ (part 8)

In this "My ISP and ADSL2+ (part X)"  series I have tried to document what is going on here in Hull and what our incumbent ISP is doing, or rather trying to do (and ultimately failing to do) regarding ADSL2+. I have tried to do this without giving too much away as there are somethings they need to ensure are not mentioned due to business issues best left alone. For our part we have done this while at the same time  explaining various issues. For their part they have consistantly broken their own word.

Here is the latest twist in this series.

A week or so ago there was an agreement between myself and the incumbent ISP. That agreement basically was that they woud remove any limitations placed on our line so that we could find out how stable a line can get when the SNR drops to 0.1. As it turned out the line was stable at an SNR of 0.1. This removal of the shackles placed on my line also allowed the line to sync higher than the ill-conceived settings they assumed would be better.

Now, without a word they have once again placed limitations on my line. The sync rate is shit, the max rate is shit. The SNR hovers around 4.0. The line is stable but what got me was that no contact was made by them to inform me they were going to break the agreement.

A week or so ago, after the the agreement was agreed to, they did some upgrades on their network. For all I know these upgrades  could be why the line now has limitations placed upon it. To me, however, this is irrelevant.

The idea behind the agreement was that they and I could see how stable a line sync could be when no predefined limitations were placed on a line. That was the basic premise behind the agreement. I gave them an unfettered allowance to do whatever they needed to do in an effort to suss out why ADSL2+ is so crap for the vast majority of people. I told them I did not care how many times my connection dropped (it never did, not once).

And yet towards the end of the first week they (re)placed the limitations without so much as a word in my direction. Several emails requesting clarification have been sent with no reply. They have broken they agreement.

Because they have broken the agreement and because they have not said anything this says to me we can no longer trust their word and the word of the infrastructure manager in particular.

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