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Saturday, 4 October 2008

My ISP and ADSL2+ (part 7)

So, the war of attrition has begun. Totally out of our control the masses have taken it upon themselves to hit our ISP head-on in the war over ADSL2+. The fall-out is not going to be nice. Damage control is the best our ISP can do but will that be enough to stop ever more people joining the rank and file? I somehow doubt it.

Once the cat is out of the bag that will be it. On and on it will go until something is done to placate them. What that something is however is open to question.

What they want is simple enough. For years and years the vast majority of users here have been happy with their connections. Sure, there has been the odd one or two who suffered bad connections but the majority did not and were a happy lot. Then our ISP brought out ADSL2+ and the rank and file suddenly found that their connections became unstable, became slower and so on. Suddenly the rank and file where not a happy bunch and they are looking to bite the leg of their ISP.

The ISP, perhaps not surprisingly, have gone very quiet and it is that quietness that has made the rank and file irritable. When they become irritable they look to let of steam any way they can. In the first instance that means writing articles for newspapers, radio presentations, news web sites etc etc and then go from there.

The ISP for their part only needs to fix the issues plaguing their users connections.

How this can be done without spending millions of pounds on their network infrastructure, particularly the so called 'last mile' is unknown. We do know they are not using all of the available spectrum that ADSL2+ allows so perhaps if they did then many, if not all, would find their connections both stable and faster. We won't know until they use the available spectrum. Will they? I don't know. But, they have to do something and fast otherwise they will be facing a huge backlash which even coordinated damage control will not contain.

Once that happens and ranks  fill out with more and more people who know what will happen then?

Fun times indeed here in Hull.

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