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Saturday, 29 November 2008

Swearing on the BBC.

In every pub every night one can hear people of all ages engaging in what can only be termed mundane chatter. interspersed in this chatter is a smattering of swearwords. The vast majority of people accept this fact with nery a look away (or perhaps nery turning a deaf ear). And so it is with that image ingrained in your head we come to Aunty Beeb and her seeming obsession with good old Anglo Saxon words outputted by our T.V. screen.

Laudable as some may find the BBC's actions other, such as myself, will find what the BBC are doing on this subject mind numbing. Every day on every street up and down the country we adults, and our children, can hear someone somewhere uttering a swearword so why is the BBC pandering to the hear-no-evil-do-no-evil crowd in this manner? Have these self styled anti-profanity, live in a bubble types, not got the ability to turn over the channels on their T.V.'s nor an off switch? Why do they constantly have to alienate the masses and pander to the few?

In years long gone we had Mary Whitehouse doing exactly the same. Her aim was simply to ban all sex, physical and words, all swearing from our T.V. and cinema viewing pleasure never giving a thought to those who are never offended at hearing such words. She eventually became something of a laughing stock and the butt of many jokes but for all that she did untold damage which I suppose was her ultimate aim. Now we have the BBC running along those same lines. It makes a mockery of the license fee.

As someone who has enough moral fibre to simply switch channels if I find something on view to be offensive I find it totally offensive to have some unnamed person decide what my moral values should be. We already have the 21:00 watershed which almost all providers of programs adhere to. Some say it should be later in the day others say it should be earlier or removed entirely but whatever your views on it are it works as is.

Now and again my wife and i engage in a spot of you-are-wrong-and-I-am-right banter over some trivial thing. We swear during this intercourse and our children hear it. Any parent who thinks their child aged 6 and above knows no swearwords are delusional. Children aged 6 and above use such words not because they think they are cool but because they have heard them somewhere. Perhaps their parents but more likely whilst walking down the streets and so it goes into adulthood where they will surely encounter the same words in the daily working life.

Now we have the BBC acting as a crusader of moral values by lowering how many can and will be heard on their various channels throughout the day. I, personally, would be mortified if I heard ANY swearword being uttered during a children's show but for the love of all free things I am an adult and I have the ability to switch away from whatever it is that I find offensive. As long as they abide by the 21:00 watershed all is good with te world. I do NOT want or need some live-in-a-bubble type deciding these things for me.

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