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Thursday, 27 November 2008

Wild conclusions.

Is all that can be said about the comments made in this BBC article. The whys and wherefores of what makes a child later in life turn into a crminal, if indeed there is any link at all, are beyond me but that does not stop me from commenting on such things.

The article contentiously links what happened to Baby P with what might have been once he had reached his teenage years. The claim that he would have become "feral, a parasite, a yob"   smacks of an agency with an agenda.

That agenda, for all their prositations, is not to help children but to demonise them as the press do. By making comments such as the above quote they do nothing at all to help our children. What they di instead is make people, mothers, fathers, grandparents etc, fear the children they are rearing. Is that how we have become?

As a loving father of 5 children aged from 23 to just under 2 years, I abhore any level of violence towards not just children but all my fellow humans. That in itself does not stop me from admonishing my children.  All children need to be taught right from wrong and how a parents does that is up to them.  That said, I do not believe that a child needs violence towards him/her towards that aim. But comments such as those do nothing to help those parents on the edge. If anything they point the spotlight firmly on them.

It is wrong. So very very wrong.

Any parent knows how hard is can be to raise child in the modern age. Every parent has reached that line at one time or another. But a good parent will stop short. This act of not crossing the line from being a loving parent and violence towards the child is not something that is taught but is something inherent in every human being.  Not every child who suffered violence turns to being "feral, a parasite, a yob" of which I was one. My father routinely beat me but now being very conscious of what can happen I stop myself from becoming the monster my father was. I never seeked nor had any help from any organisation. I did it all myself. By myself. My own daeons died and where buried when my father was buried.

And that is how it works. Or should. It is when that normal human trait breaks down the happenings such as Baby P happen. How anyone can claim how he may have turned out is highly subjective and has no foundation in real life and that is what makes articles such as that one from the BBC so scary. The fact that someone as high as the chief executive at the children charity Barnardo's can make such a link is dangerous for all children everywhere in the world. If anyone does take notice of what he has said and turns that into something worse, which is how it will conclude, then parents everywhere should be scared because the finger will always be pointed towards you and will always fall on the wrong side of the line. Be they a doctors, a nurse, a policeman they will always end up veiwing the most casual of injuries that every child can, and most do get, as that child has suffered violence at the hands of the people that, in all probabilty, love that child. It is that slanted view that scares me so much. It will happen. Especially with people in charge such as the guy around which the article was written.

I fully realise that some children will end up doing as their fathers did unto them but some is not all and in the case of Baby P we have no way of knowing how he would have turned out. None.

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