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Saturday, 22 March 2008

Am I the only one?

Who sees the Internet unfolding into a place where only big players have control?

15 or so years ago before the Internet as we now know it existed it was a place where the true meaning of freedom was played out. Nowadays, the Internet is in full swing and all we see are lawsuits by big players in the market suing everyone else so they can control their corner of it and if the little people, you and I, get burnt along the way then tough.

While todays Internet experience is nothing even remotely comparable to when it began this shift is disturbing to those, like me, who have seen it grow. At first there was no web browser, very few graphical clients at all in fact. It was a much more dignified place back then. Then everything went graphical, international and suddenly the Internet as we know it today grew. Boomed even into a place rich in information. In its recent history we have seen many instances of big players trying to, if not remove, then to inhibit free market growth. I find this trend disturbing.

Let us look at one of these big players, well, two, though they are related insomuch as they both provide entertainment. The music industry and the film industry. These two big players are singlehandedly attempting, and in some countries winning, to stifle or snuff out, anything not on their own agenda. In their dragnet of litigation is the little people. Little people are easy targets and what do they care if these little people have a lifetime of debt brought about by the exhorbitant fees these big players place on their wares? Nothing.

Internet censorship, not just in places like China, happens in America, Europe and other continents. Behind these censorships are not governments but they are paid for by big business who incessantly lobby governments to impose them. How do you know what is censored? Why do you think some web sites disappear of the web map?

The Internet today is big business and within that realm the little people who kick started the whole thing are losing out on a daily basis. It will not be long before there is no place in the big picture for the little people to roam because they will have been squeezed out but the big players.

Todays Internet is tomorrows history.

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