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Thursday, 6 March 2008

I can't help laughing.

There is nothing, nothing at all, including the 'Aero Glass' UI that MS Vista includes that we users of the Linux platform haven't enjoyed for at least 2 years before MS Vista was released. Something else to laugh about is that for us users of the Linux platform our requirements to run the UI in all its flashy glory are much much lower than the flashy UI MS Vista has.

That 'Aero Glass' UI for MS Vista sure does suck up the power of a powerful graphics card or cards. Even a system using SLI struggles but for us users of the Linux Platform we get the same experience with an ancient Nvidia Geforce2. How can this be so? They, that is Microsoft, had 6 years to write MS Vista, okay they slung the whole lot in the bin and started over about 3 years ago but still the sheer amount of system resources it needs is disgusting.

Having been unfortunate enough to have used MS Vista I saw nothing within it that I couldn't have on my Linux platform workstation. To make any use of MS Vista one has to install 3rd party applications and 3rd party drivers, whereas almost everything comes with a basic install of a Linux distribution.

The more I hear about MS Vista the more content I become with my Linux platform workstation. Further, the more I hear about MS Vista Aero UI the more I laugh.

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