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Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Children will play.

In other blog posts I have bemoaned the fact that children (defined here as between 6 and 13) do not play or are not allowed to play as we did at the same age during the late 1960's and early 1970's.

Let me state first and foremost than I have 3 children. At the time of writing, one is aged 10, another aged 9 and another aged 1. I do not class myself amongst todays frightened and paranoid parents I speak about below simply because I do not follow the mantra they live by.

I refer to todays children simply as today children. Similarly, yesterday children and parents are referred to as yesterday children and parents from a time so unlike todays environment under which children live, work and play. I make this clear in case someone mentions the fact I am missing esses 's' off several words.

Unfortunately, today children have today parents with today ideas on how to bring up today children in a today world. World has been narrowed down to within the U.K. borders. Why just U.K.? Well, each country has its own set of today ideas on today children and what one countries set of today parents allow another may not, so for the sake of simplicity we talk about the situation in the U.K. only. A today world that has in reality and particularly from the perspective that a child is in any more danger from general playing or predators, nowadays than a child has ever was. A world that has changed little from yesterday world. If you know the facts, it makes today parents with their today ideas on bringing up today children look stupid.

Why stupid?

Well, these today parents bemoan the fact that their today children cannot play outside in today world because of all the dangers today world brings compared to yesterday world where, they believe, everything was much better, when in fact nothing much has changed between those two worlds. This can be statistically proven too. Even knife attacks that our media outlets would like today parents to believe are for the first time rampant in the U.K. but statistics prove they are nothing of a sort. The only difference between yesterday world and today world is that today parents are fed much more data then yesterday parents where. Because they are fed much more data they see the today environment as somewhere dangerous when in fact there is no more comparative danger in letting children play outside in today world compared to yesterday. Today children are fed an almost constant diet of T.V., of consoles, of computers, of so many more toys and gadgets than yesterday children never ever considered owning, in fact many of the things children take for granted never existed in yesterday children's world. All the toys and gadgets employed by today parents to deter their today children from wanting to play outside and enjoyed by today children who may not realise they enjoy them, not because they did enjoy them but, because they have a deep, deep desire to make their today parents happy and today children so very much believe in their today parents that they, over the course of a generation, believed what their parents told them about the dangers lurking outside and slowly but surely the children stayed evermore frequently inside so that by the time yesterday children had grown into today parents with the echo of danger signals from a generation of constant nd evermore fearful news by all and sundry echoing in the back of their minds about the none existent dangers outside in today world that their paranoia kicks in. So, what we are left with and what they created is a generation of children that have no idea how to play with or interact with each other beyond what their modern parents allow them to play, and where they can play, so these children are in fact apron hugging children. Their only real contact and interaction with their peers is whilst at school and they wonder why today children are unruly.

There are no more rapes today then yesterday.

There are no more knife attacks today than yesterday.

There are no more pedophiles roaming the streets today than there was yesterday.

There is no more chance of your today child being hurt whilst playing then yesterday child playing.

There are no more generally dangerous happenings on our streets today than there was yesterday.

There ARE more cars on our roads today than there was yesterday.

But to listen to today parents you would think none of the above is true. Well, it is. Statistically proven facts cannot be disputed. Today parents are stupid for following all the bullshit they where fed whilst mutating from yesterday happy and carefree children into paranoid today parents. Shame on you. You are the ones to blame for all the ills inflicted on today children. You should never have allowed the state to interfere and shape your thoughts but you did, have and are and now either via today children, who are socially crippled, or via tomorrows children, who are the offspring of today children and who if current paranoia levels are sustained through another generation, we all will pay with a backlash so severe the parent/child relation may not survive as we once knew it if at all.

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