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Sunday, 2 March 2008

Medical conditions.

Has anyone else given a thought that all medical conditions are just made up bunkum? I look back on my family history and various letters to and from family members going back some 7 or 8 generations. What jumps out is the fact that very few members never smoked or never drank alcohol. And yet none died at an early age, well, save for Annie who died aged 6 months. Almost every single one lived to 80 years old or older. A good 30% lived until 90+.

This led me to suspect that all we hear about smoking and alcohol related illnesses is indeed utter bunkum.

Go back 4 generations. They numbered 42 people across 8 families. All smoked. All drank alcohol. All bar one lived to be 86+ years old. The odd one out was Annie mentioned earlier. They all ate red meat, when they could afford it of course. The male members did nightly trips to various ale houses and drank until they could drink no more.
None died of cancer. None died of any alcohol related illness. In fact most died from natural causes. They where more likely to have died from old fashioned mucky housing than of anything else.

There will be those that claim we did not have the medical expertise back then so they could have died from any number of smoking or alcohol related illnesses. But that does not hide the fact that todays medicine could be totally bogus. Bogus in so much as how exactly do we common people know that what we are told is good for us is actually good for us?

Sure, people live longer now than at any stage of our evolution but that could be down to how much cleaner our home and work environments are.

People have lived with cars for years. People have drunk massive amounts of beer for years. And yet, it is only in the last few years they have bothered to inform us that all manner of things are now bad for us? Come on. It is all made up bullshit. Nothing more. Nothing less. All timed to coincide to what what people expect our better to inform us about.

Every 10 years or so over the last 60 there has been some magnificent discovery medical wise. It is in our conscious to expect it so when it happens we are triggered to respond how we do.

Think about it and you will see for yourselves.

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