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Friday, 29 February 2008

Demonising our young people.

It would seem that only here in the U.K. would we contemplate such a thing but here in the U.K. that very thing is happening.

Gone are the days when our young people enjoyed high jinks and the older folk saw it as such. Now, we are blaming all of the country''s social ills on how our young people act in public.

Sure there are, and always has been, the bad element as there is is any large group. But to claim, as some do, that all our young people are bad and must therefore be watched and demonised whenever they do anything and wherever they do it.

As each generation grows the one behind it automatically becomes bad. they forget that just a generation ago they was th generation they now hate with a passion. Not hatred hate but you know, the kind of hatred reserved for generation crossing.

Old folk hate young people. Not because those young people are bad or anything but because...Well, they are young and the old folk are not. Young children don't care about anything, and rightly so, but they do love the old folk. Young people generally hate everyone equally. Then we have the 40 something who are awkward and do not fit into or latch onto any other group except perhaps their own siblings who it turns out are the young people everyone from old Mrs scoggins of 84 muswell hill to the polce are demonising.

It simply is not right nor fair.

Our young people are tomorrows leaders and should be nurtured as such but alas that is not how it is. The police, the worse of the demonising offenders will tell you all the bad parts of our society stems from young people but those 40 somethings, the parents of those young people, will tell you their own do nothing wrong so should be exempt from the pressures the constant attention our police give to young people. But, the police, as is being more and more frequent, will do what the Hell thy want and God be damned if anyone stops them.

I blame the old folk.

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