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Monday, 25 February 2008

Hull Royal Infirmary.

As mentioned in another post I made the other day I had the misfortune to be admitted to hospital. While I will not go into why I was admitted I would like to say a few words about the nurses at Hull Royal Infirmary.

They where absolutely delightful in everything they did. They are indeed Angels. They made sure I was comfortable, well as comfortable as I could be in the condition I was in. They made sure my spirits where generally kept high. They where indeed at my every beck and call. They where quite simply wonderful.

In these days of cut after cut of finances in the health sector which usually results in a cut of nurses it was a delightful experience to see these obviously overworked nurses going about their general duties, usually with a smile and a twinkle in their eyes. They are truly angels in every possible way.

Compare this experience with the dull and dismal experience when I had a weeks stay in North Manchester General Hospital. There, the nurses where curt and rude. You was lucky if you saw one for hours on end and it felt like they really did not care for your health nor the job they was doing. Although I should have been in there for 4 weeks I signed myself out after 1 week. So dismal was the experience.

I have now been in 4 separate hospitals around the country and I have to say H.R.I. is the best of the lot. There quite possibly could be better ones around but of those I have had the misfortune to be admitted to H.R.I. tops them all for service with a smile.

So thank you the staff of H.R.I. you made my latest stay in your presence a nice one. Forgive me for saying I do not want to go back anytime soon but if I have to I would have no qualms about doing so.

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