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Friday, 8 February 2008

Oh FFS this goes too far!

Read this then tell me it isn't stupid. How can supposedly trained police officers not tell the difference between a real firearm and a child's toy gun? I have children of my own and I can tell you they are different from a distance. Yes, they 'look' real but the reality of it is they are bloody toys.

This is just another case of utter stupidity by our police force. A force that is supposed to protect and serve, or whatever their motto is, the general public and yet here we have them telling children not to play in the streets with toy guns.

It boggles the mind. It really does.

Back during my own childhood in the middle to late 1960's we often played Cowboys and Indians which would involve one party having guns and the other party having bows and arrows. Another game we played was Batman and Robin which also involved guns and some home made 'weapons'. Going by what was said in that article these types of simple boyhood games are gone forever.

For crying out load. Let our bloody children play what they want to play with whatever they want to play with wherever they want to play and for fuck sake leave them alone!

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